halfwaarde tijden van isotopen

Vind met deze applet de halfwaarde tijd van zeer veel isotopen.

Je kunt op drie maniere een isotoop kiezen

For each selected isotope, the gray cross hairs and green square will mark its location on the isotope table, and the number of neutrons, protons will be indicated. You will also see if the isotope is stable and if it has been experimentally detected. If the isotope has been detected, and if it decays, its half-life is given.

The isotope chart is color-coded-coded: half-lifes shorter than the micro-second range are coded in blues, half-lifes shorter than 1000 years are displayed in reds, half-lifes longer than 1000 years in yellow. Stable nuclei are indicated in white.

The numbers are taken from the compilation of G. Audi and A.H. Wapstra, Nucl. Phys. A595, 409(1995).